get-a-second-opinion-on-your-mortgageI Want a Second Opinion on my Mortgage Rate

For a lot of clients, simply qualifying for the mortgage is the ultimate goal; the rate is secondary. This is the wrong mindset, if you qualify, you need to secure the best mortgage rate you can based on your specific situation to keep your monthly payments down. Is your bank doing you a favor by approving your mortgage and charging you a premium? This is why you will want a second opinion.

Unlike your bank, we have no profitability quotas to hit; we get the best rate we can for all our clients. We do this by shopping around to dozens of mortgage lenders to see who is offering the best rates for clients in your situation. And it’s not just on the face rate of the mortgage we try to save you money. We avoid lenders that charge big penalties if you are to move your mortgage before the end of the term. Ironically, these lenders are generally the big banks where most of our clients come to us from.

5 Minutes Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

It is no exaggeration to say that we often save our clients thousands of dollars over one quick phone call or email. It may not sound like much, but .25% is a big savings on a $200 or $300,000 mortgage. Don’t believe us, give us a call, we think you will be very pleased with not only the rates, but the level of professionalism and service you get from a mortgage broker. Remember, there are no fees for our services, we offer the same products and services as your bank, we just do it better!

Contact us today to get a second opinion on your mortgage rate from the bank (or other broker). We offer free, no obligation service to ensure you get the right mortgage at the right rate for you.

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