vancouver-skyline_1563516cLowest Mortgage Rates in Vancouver

If there is any city in Canada that could use a break on their housing payments, it’s Vancouver. With the highest home prices in the country, a break in interest rates are a welcome relief. Whether you are just trying to get into the housing market in Vancouver or you have an existing mortgage now that you would like to renew or refinance, its a perfect time to be searching for our current Vancouver mortgage rates.

Over the past few years, it has gotten more and more difficult for first time buyers to get into the market. Not just in Vancouver but all over the country. Even with mortgage rates dropping, saving money for a down payment seemed to get increasingly difficult. Luckily for those who were able to beg, borrow or steal a down payment, the time to buy is now!

Mortgage Renewal Rates in Vancouver

For those shopping for mortgage rates on their renewal, congrats on the great timing. These will likely be the lowest Vancouver mortgage rates you will see in our lifetime. Chipping away at the principal during the next 5 years is likely a prudent plan. Don’t miss this opportunity by renewing with your existing lender; we have some fantastic mortgage deals.

Mortgage renewals are the one place where clients can make a very expensive mistake. Banks know they have to offer decent rates when you are first shopping for a mortgage. On a renewal however, they send out posted rate offers to their clients hoping they simply sign and send them back. It might sound ridiculous that people wouldn’t shop around for a better rate however the number of clients who fall for this trick is alarming. Make sure you  don’t become a posted rate statistic here in Vancouver!

Why you Need a Mortgage Professional Working on Your Behalf

Getting you a great rate on your next mortgage is only part of what we do. Helping you to avoid the pitfalls and traps that exist in the market is job one. If this sounds like a simple scare tactic, think again. The 5 biggest banks in Canada are all known to use ‘funky math’ in calculating their mortgage penalties; would you know what to look for when comparing mortgage penalties?

The other important reason to use a mortgage expert here in the GVRD is our wide array of mortgage options. If your bank does not have the right product, you may be forced into the wrong product or worse, be declined out right. We can offer our clients professional, unbiased advice on a mortgage that will be tailored to your specific circumstance. Don’t settle for what your bank offers you, we have more choice and better rates.

Regardless of your situation, talking to a mortgage broker from is step one in the process. For the lowest mortgage rates in Vancouver or to talk to a mortgage expert about the other mortgage services in the market, call us today! We will save you time and money on your next home loan.


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