surrey mortgage brokerWhy You Need a Surrey Mortgage Broker

With the price of homes in Surrey, its very easy to pay too much for your new home. Even easier however is paying too much in interest on your new mortgage. A surrey mortgage broker is the best defense against bank mortgage rates; we shop the market daily to find our clients the lowest wholesale mortgage rates in the country!

When you deal with your local banker, they do their best but they work for the bank. They are paid by the bank to make the bank more profit margin on your mortgage. When you deal with a Surrey mortgage broker from, we work for you. Without your business we don’t get paid, so our only goal is finding you the right mortgage at the right rate.

As well as great mortgage rates, we offer you the kind of service your bank just can’t match. There are no appointments necessary, we are a quick phone call or email away, and it won’t take hours to hear back from us. Again, we work for you and you alone. Getting you the best mortgage for you and your specific situation is our job.

More Than Just Great Rates

On top of the low wholesale mortgage rates we offer, we also specialize in dealing with clients who have been declined by their bank. Subprime and private mortgages are some of the most important mortgages we offer. Subprime mortgages are usually just outside the typical banking guidelines, offering decent rates and products to those who don’t quite meet the prime lending requirements. Private mortgages only require equity, almost all the rest of the usual requirements are irrelevant.

Professional, unbiased advice is something you can count on by using a home loan professional in Surrey. When you apply for a mortgage at the bank, they cannot possibly give you unbiased advice, as they only have their own products to sell. If they don’t have the right product or the right rate, you are out of luck. Brokers have access to dozens of different lenders and hundreds of different products. With no fees for our services, you can’t lose by dealing with in Surrey.

Refinancing Your Mortgage in Surrey

If you are not paying an interest rate close to what you see on this site, you need to look into your refinancing options. Refinancing your home loan can save you hundreds of dollars a month. Are you carrying balances on high interest credit cards? Big loan payments making you feel strapped every month? Looking to purchase a new vehicle or take that once in a lifetime vacation? A refinance may be the answer for you.

One popular product many clients who refinance go into is the HELOC mortgage (home equity line of credit). This product gives you flexibility in terms of having both fixed and variable portions within your mortgage. Some products even allow you to include your bank accounts and investments into the product to reduce the amount of interest you pay. If you have at least 20% equity in your home, talk to us about all the mortgage options that exist in the market today.

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