st albert mortgage brokerWorking with a St Albert Mortgage Broker

St Albert is located northwest of Edmonton,¬†and is considered an affluent suburb, in fact it has been rated in the top 5 “Most Wealthy Cities in Canada” a number of times. For those who don’t want the feel of living right in the Capital, St Albert is the perfect option for those wanting the small town lifestyle with the big city amenities. St. Albert continues to be a very popular location for those moving to the Edmonton area. A St Albert mortgage broker should be your first call if you are considering this move.

A St Albert home loan specialist will assist you in finding the right mortgage at the right rate. This will keep your monthly housing costs down, leaving more money in your pocket every month. With the lowest mortgage rates, most mortgage options and the expert advice you can only get from a true mortgage professional. Settling for the rate offered by your bank, is paying too much for your new home.

The Lowest St Albert Mortgage Rates

How much more are you willing to pay for the convenience of dealing with your bank here in St Albert? The banks count on clients being loyal and overpaying for their mortgage products, its why they don’t post their fully discounted rates in the branch. Even worse, when your mortgage comes up for renewal, they will send you the renewal at posted rates! They hope you simply sign this renewal and that is where they make real money on your mortgage. A St Albert mortgage specialist will ensure you get the best rates today and when your mortgage comes up for renewal. Its our job to save you money!

For those clients who really want to stay with their banks, talk to us about our options with that lender. Often we can put you with your bank and get you a better rate then you are able to secure on your own. Remember a St Albert mortgage broker works in the wholesale channel, not the retail channel. This small difference can add up to big savings.

Talk to one of our St Albert mortgage brokers today about your financing options. We will give the second opinion on rate that you need, and then tailor the mortgage for your specific situation.

Getting Your First Mortgage in St Albert

If you are a first time buyer in St Albert, the challenge of finding a mortgage is magnified. Money is usually tight for property virgins, so keeping payments down is imperative. Our low rates accomplish just this for our clients, while still tailoring the mortgage for their long term plans as well. We take the stress out of being a first time buyer here in St Albert, and let you concentrate on the important part of finding the right home.

When you are ready to make the jump from tenant to home owner, talk to a mortgage agent from We realize you will may want to talk to your bank as well, and we encourage it. But if you do decide to go that way, talk to us first. We will give you a second opinion on what the bank is offering you and potentially show you something better that will keep more of your money in your pocket.

We want to earn your business, so talk to us today about your financing needs, to see if we have the right solution for you. Chances are if we don’t have it, it’s not out there. Call us today to get a mortgage specialist working for you!