no long bank line ups when you deal with a mortgage broker

Get a Sherwood Park Mortgage Broker Working for You!

Would you buy a home without negotiating the price? Of course not, that would cost you thousands of dollars. Yet every day clients walk into their banks, and accept the rate offered to them by the branch. Without negotiating or knowing what rates are currently being offered in the market, you will pay too much. A Sherwood Park mortgage broker will make sure you do not make this mistake, we only deal in wholesale mortgage rates. Your bank starts negotiating at the posted mortgage rate, and works down from there depending on how valuable they view you as a client. We offer the lowest rate to everyone, we have the best mortgage rates in town!

The price of homes in Sherwood Park today are some of the highest in the Greater Edmonton area. By making sure you secure the lowest mortgage rate, you make sure you keep your monthly housing cost as low as it can be; you don’t want to pay extra for the privilege of dealing with your bank do you? Yet everyday this is exactly what clients do by not dealing with a mortgage broker.

Talk to one of our mortgage brokers today to discuss your mortgage options. Even if you know that you have credit issues or tough to prove income, we can usually secure you a good rate. Even after you have been declined by your bank, we may still have options. We can’t approve everyone, but we do have several options that your bank does not. We are your one stop shop for mortgages.

What Can We Do for You?

  1. If you are buying acreage property out of town, we can help.
  2. You have dug yourself a financial hole and you need some equity to payout debts, we have options.
  3. First time buyer looking for the best rate, and some expert advice along the way, this is exactly what we do!
  4. Need a realtor and or lawyer to as you are new to town? Of course we can help with this too.
  5. Whether you are buying in Glen Allan or Fountain Estates, we have the right mortgage options for you and your unique situation.

We Are Licensed Mortgage Professionals

Unlike your banker, who is not required to be licensed, mortgage brokers must meet educational and professional standards. Our job is not to pad the best mortgage broker edmontonbanks bottom line, we work for you. We are licensed with Verico Benchmark Mortgages Inc. here in Alberta.

Often banks will recommend you work with their in-house mortgage brokers. These employees are not mortgage brokers, they work for the lender and they only offer that institutions products. These mortgage reps are also not licensed by the province, nor are they required to meet the same educational requirements as a true mortgage broker.

You may not think this matters, but let us explain to you why this matters. The big banks have all adopted a new way to calculate their mortgage penalties, which can be 5 times higher than the old  ‘proper’ way of calculating the penalty. We have plenty of lenders who still do this the right and fair way. You won’t get this information from someone who works at the bank, they only sell their products. This is why working with an independent mortgage professional matters.

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Please Note: You may occasionally come across lower rates online from our competitors, however even though we have access to these rates, we do not advertise any ‘No Frills Mortgages‘ that we would not recommend for our clients.