fort saskatchewan mortgage brokerBuying a Home in Fort Saskatchewan

Fort Saskatchewan is located just 25 km north east of Edmonton. With a population of approximately 25,000, it’s big city living in a small town feel. With large employers such as Dow Chemical, Sherritt International, Agrium, and Shell Canada, the average income and quality of living is very good. Fort Saskatchewan is one of 24 municipalities that comprise the Capital Region.

As with most areas of Alberta, housing appreciation has been strong in Fort Saskatchewan for years now, 2016 being the exception. The median home price (single family detached), is $425,000. This is down $30,000 this year, but up $20,000 from 2014.

Mortgage Broker in Fort Saskatchewan

If you are first time buyer in Fort Saskatchewan looking to buy a typical home, chances are you are going to need a $400,000 mortgage. Every 1/4% about the rate we secure you is costing you approximately $5000 every 5 years. As mortgage brokers, we work with dozens of lenders who compete for your business, offering you the lowest rates in Canada.

Our Fort Saskatchewan mortgage brokers also assist clients with private mortgage loans, sub prime loans and debt consolidation mortgages. Pretty much any situation where you require a mortgage, you require a mortgage broker to assist with the financing. There are no fees for our services, so stop wasting time with your bank.

Bank ‘Mortgage Brokers’

Banks will often try to refer you to their bank ‘mortgage brokers’. Do not fall for this trap, these mortgage reps simply specialize in selling that bank’s products, they are not brokers. Mortgage brokers are independent licensed mortgage professionals who work on the clients behalf. A bank mortgage rep is an unlicensed, bank employee who only sells his bank’s products.

The problems with this are obvious; you think you are dealing with a professional who will give you the proper advice and guidance. This can’t happen however if you only sell one bank’s products. They obviously are not going to tell you about any issues with their products, if their rates are out of line or most importantly aboutbig¬†¬†should you break your term. Only a true mortgage broker who is able to offer you the right product at the right rate will save you money and give you the unbiased advice you need to make an informed decision.

As experienced mortgage professionals, we can also tell you that none of our lenders do it all. We have to use a number of different lenders every month to finance all the different situations we come across. So as a consumer, what happens if you go to a bank who does not offer the product you need? You will assume you simply don’t qualify and give up. A mortgage broker can give you the full gambit of options so you can be comfortable knowing you either got the best deal, or you simply don’t qualify at this time.

Talk to us today about our mortgage options and why you should be dealing with us, not your bank!