looking for a mortgage broker in EdmontonBest Edmonton Mortgage Broker For Your Financing Needs

An Edmonton mortgage broker knows the challenges of buying into a pricey market. We specialize in dealing with both salaried and self employed clients. When you work with a mortgage broker, you will always be working with a true financing professional. Don’t take on your bank alone, mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars. A mortgage expert will take the time to educate you on what is available, and the traps to avoid. Our job is to save you money, not pad the banks bottom line.

One of the best things about dealing with a broker versus the alternative (bank shopping on your own), is you have all the information in one place. You won’t need to fill out applications in every bank, you only need to do it once. We complete one application, one credit bureau and then find the options that best match your situation. In some cases, also help you avoid pitfalls that exist in the market which are not common knowledge to the every day consumer.

What are the Benefits to Using a Home Loan Expert?

There are many good reasons to use RateDeals.ca to finance your home. Here are some common questions we get:

How is a broker different than my bank in terms of rate?

A RateDeals.ca Edmonton mortgage broker only works in the wholesale market, meaning you are always guaranteed the lowest mortgage rate. When you deal with a bank, it’s always a negotiation to get a good rate and at the end of the negotiation you will only end up where you start with us.

How are you different other than the interest rates?

We work around your schedule, not 10-3 banker’s hours. We will meet you at our office, your home or Starbucks; where ever and when ever works for you. You are not a number to us, we truly want to earn your business!

How can your rates be so much lower than my banks best rate?

We deal with dozens of  different banks and lenders, not just one. Some lenders have access to cheaper funds, have more cost effective delivery channels or simply want to buy market share at different points in the year. Your bank relies on their existing relationships with clients, assuming they will not shop around for a better rate. This is why so many banks are opting out of the broker channel, as it is simply not profitable for them.

Sounds good, what does this cost me?

There are no fees for our services, we are paid a referral fee by the lender where we place your loan.

So if I see a great rate in the paper or on a banks website, what doEdmonton Mortgage Broker I need a broker for?

Our mortgage specialists are licensed professionals here in Alberta . We know the pros and cons of each lenders products, helping you avoid back end costs on your home loan. We have a number of lenders who offer us great rates but not great terms. A number of brokers online for example offer No Frills Mortgages; they are cheaper but it can cost you significantly more down the road.

I am almost sold, anything else? 

We work on referrals, our clients have to be happy with our services in order to refer us their friends and family. If we don’t find you the right mortgage at the right rate, we don’t get paid, so we try harder!

So where do you lend?

We can do mortgages anywhere, however we concentrate on Edmonton,  Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Camrose, Leduc and Fort Saskatchewan.

Our Home Loan Experts Work For You

An expert Edmonton mortgage broker from RateDeals.ca will work on your behalf. Not only getting you the lowest rates, but also working alongside your realtor, lawyer, insurance agent to arrange the financing in a seamless manner. We are more than just ‘financial sales’, we are advisers who will coach you in all aspects of your credit’s well-being. In other words, just getting the lowest rate is not always the right product for you. We will make sure you avoid the pitfalls and traps that are built into many of the banks home loan products.

Even if you really want to deal with your own bank, talk to us first. We can likely get you a better deal at your own bank than you can on your own due to the large amount of business we do with all the lenders through our network. There are no fees for what we do, so there is no downside to working with a home loan specialist who will ensure you get the best deal along with the professional advice you simply can’t get from your banker.

A home is a huge investment. You don’t want to pay too much for the home, so don’t pay too much for the mortgage. When you are ready to apply for a mortgage here in Edmonton, contact the best mortgage broker in the city to walk you through the process.