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A BC Mortgage Broker Saves You Time and Money

A BC mortgage broker is a must when you are shopping for a new mortgage in the province. The price of homes is quite high throughout the province and our BC mortgage brokers will make sure that they not only find you the lowest rates but also find you the right mortgage, one that works for you!

At RateDeals.ca our brokers work with most of the big banks, mortgage companies, trust companies, credit unions and private lenders that operate in the province. This is what differentiates us from the mortgage specialists at the banks, they are restricted to only selling that banks products; we are not. If you compare bank mortgage rates with what we offer in BC, you will see this difference for yourself.

What a BC Mortgage Broker Can Do For You

On top of the great mortgage rates in BC, our mortgage brokers will give you the best advice in putting your financing needs in order. There are no fees for our services, we are paid by the lender where we arrange the mortgage. You will receive the guidance of a fully trained and licensed mortgage professional, access to all the best wholesale mortgage rates, and the service you could never get from your bank! We also specialize in clients who have been declined by their banks, offering subprime and private mortgage options. Why wouldn’t you want to use a mortgage broker in BC to arrange your financing?

One area where we assist our clients is in the education of products in the market. Some of the most popular and most utilized products in the market, are some of the most dangerous for clients to take. The big banks all employ a ‘unique’ calculation when you break your mortgage term. This calculation can cost the client 5-7 times more than a traditional mortgage penalty. This is why we try to avoid using the big banks unless we have to use them. Saving our clients a small difference in rate is great, however saving them thousands on a penalty down the road is extremely rewarding.

Our Mortgage Options in BC

A major benefit of working with a home loan professional, is the full range of mortgage options available to us. We work with prime residential lenders (ie banks, credit unions, mortgage companies), sub prime lenders and all the way down to private mortgage options. This range of products is important as it means we can often offer alternatives to clients who don’t qualify for one type of mortgage.

Our private mortgage options, although not cheap, are very important to those clients who need them. They are a loan of last resort, which means they are high risk and high priced. They are often able to buy clients out of foreclosure however, and provide an option where there normally would be none.

Don’t take on the banks alone, whether you are in Vancouver, SurreyKelowna, Kamloops or Victoria, get a BC mortgage broker working for you. We have helped thousands of clients just like you with their mortgage financing needs.

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