When Should You Apply For A Second Mortgage?

When Should You Apply For A Second Mortgage?

Are you considering applying for a second mortgage? Not sure whether you should take the plunge? Then read on to know more about applying for second mortgages. The second mortgage is a mortgage refinancing option. People opt for a second mortgage for a variety of reasons. Some of them are:

To Avoid Paying Property Mortgage Insurance for their first Mortgage

Usually, people are asked to make a down payment of 20% on their first mortgage. If they end up paying lesser than 20%, then they have to pay a property mortgage insurance (PMI). There are times when the property mortgage insurance on the first mortgage is too expensive. That’s when people opt for a second mortgage from a different broker at a lower rate. This then helps them finance their first mortgage.

To Consolidate your Debts

Another common reason for taking second mortgage is to consolidate higher interest debts into a single lower interest payment. This is helpful for people struggling with their finances. They get to club all their debt payments into a single payment. This gives people some breathing room when they are caught up with multiple debt payments.

To Cover a Portion of your Down Payment for the First Mortgage

Most Edmonton mortgage brokers ask for a 20% down payment. This is basically 20% of the property value which is at times a hefty amount. People tend to opt for refinancing options such as a HELOC or a private second mortgage to be able to make their down payment for the first mortgage. If the first mortgage was taken to buy a new home, then an HELOC is the best refinancing option.

For Financing Your Home Improvement Plan

Your new home construction mortgage can have an amortization period from anywhere between 4 years to 30 years. In that case, even after a couple of years after staying in your house, you will still be making your mortgage payments. So, if you plan for a home improvement plan, going for a private second mortgage can be a good solution.

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