Compare Mortgage Rates With the Banks is your online resource for the lowest current mortgage rates in Edmonton. A professional mortgage broker is the only way to ensure you don’t pay too much for your new mortgage. Compare our current mortgage rates in Edmonton with those offered by the banks.

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The Most Mortgage Options in Edmonton


edmonton broker ratesBuying a Home

Being a first time home buyer in Edmonton will no doubt be the biggest investment of your life, let us assist you in the making your dream a reality.

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edmonton brokerRefinancing Your Mortgage

Refinancing can put your financial house back in order; our current mortgage rates in Edmonton are the perfect solution to lowering payments.

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 edmonton mortgage brokerMortgage Renewal

Banks make the majority of their money on their client’s mortgage renewal. Don’t become another posted rate statistic, talk to one of our Edmonton mortgage brokers.

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mortgage broker edmontonPrivate Mortgage Options

Private mortgages in Edmonton are what we refer to as ‘band aid’ loans, they can you get you out of a difficult short term financial situation.

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edmonton mortgage brokerSub-Prime Mortgages

The main factor in most mortgage declines is a credit bureau score that is too low. We can help you fix the problem, and get you back on track.

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broker edmontonSelf Employed Mortgages

Our self employed mortgages are tailored specifically for those clients who have trouble qualifying due to low claimed income.

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Why use a Mortgage Broker


More Mortgage Options

Unlike your bank who only offer their own product line, an Edmonton mortgage broker has access to dozens of different lenders all with varying degrees of risk tolerance. This means we have more options to suit your specific situation. This is why we can often help, when your bank says no.

Along with the great current mortgage rates in Edmonton you see on our site from the countries top prime mortgage lenders, we also offer sub-prime and private mortgage options here in Edmonton.

Licensed Mortgage Professionals

Unlike your banker, who is not required to be licensed, mortgage brokers in Edmonton must meet educational and professional standards. We are true mortgage professionals who work on your behalf to ensure you get the right mortgage at the right rate. Our job is not to pad the banks bottom line, we work for you.

Often banks will recommend you work with their in-house mortgage brokers. These employees are not mortgage brokers, they work for the lender and they only offer that institutions products. These mortgage reps are also not licensed by the province, nor are they required to meet the same educational requirements as a true mortgage broker.

We Work for You

When you work with your branch, make no mistake who your loans officer is working for; the bank. A mortgage broker in Edmonton works on your behalf to ensure that you are getting the lowest wholesale mortgage rates in Edmonton based on your situation.

There are no fees for your services, we are paid a referral fee from the lender where we place your loan. There is no reason NOT to use a mortgage broker here in Edmonton for your financing needs. Compare the difference.

Wholesale Mortgage Rates

The branches deal in retail mortgage rates (posted mortgage rates), offering discounts off of these rates based on a clients profitability to the institution. Mortgage brokers work in the wholesale market, where every client gets the lowest mortgage rates in Edmonton that our lenders are offering on any given day (assuming they qualify). This small difference in model, is a big savings on rates for most of our clients.

Even if you love dealing with your institution, getting a second opinion at our online mortgage deals site, is the prudent thing to do. How much more are you willing to pay for the privilege of working with them?