At, our on-line mortgage professionals know that a mortgage is not a one size proposition, it needs to be personalized based on your specific situation. Having said that however, below are the most popular terms our clients are choosing today. By discussing your risk tolerance, both short and long term plans and comparing mortgage rates today, a mortgage broker can help you assess which term will best serve your needs today and tomorrow.

There are times when the best mortgage rates, are not necessarily the best mortgage you. Many of our clients come to us after being turned down by their bank. We specialize in subprime mortgagesprivate mortgage and reverse mortgage options here in White Rock and Surrey. These may not be the best rate mortgages we do however they are some of the most important. Read More. 


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The Most Mortgage Options Throughout BC

Where We Lend

Verico Mortgage Options Ltd is a licensed mortgage brokerage in BC. Working on behalf of the client to arrange their financing needs throughout the province.

Working online allows us to do mortgages virtually anywhere, being located in Greater Vancouver however means the bulk of our business is done throughout the Lower Mainland (Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Maple Ridge and the surrounding areas of the GVRD. A mortgage broker is your best defense against paying too much through your bank, when buying a home in Surrey, White Rock, Maple Ridge or anywhere in BC.


We shop the market daily for the lowest mortgage rates. We are licensed mortgage brokers, not simply a marketing firm selling your information. We don’t advertise interest rates that we can’t deliver.

No line-ups, no appointments necessary. All fees are paid by the bank/lender, we do not charge fees to our client. We save you time and money. We also specialize in sub-prime and private mortgage options for those clients who don’t qualify with the banks. Sometimes the best mortgage is not the one with the lowest rate.

Mortgage Lenders

We work with over 50 of the countries top mortgage lenders, bringing you the best mortgage rates throughout Alberta and BC. We deal with big banks, mortgage companies, trust companies, credit unions, sub prime lenders and private lenders to offer our clients the widest range of mortgage products.

When you have so many lenders competing for your business, you are ensured to get the best rate and the widest range of products to suit your financing needs. As mortgage brokers, we only deal in the wholesale market.


Why use a Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker is an intermediary between a client and lending institution. They facilitate the transaction to assist the client in finding the right home loan product and the lender in finding a client to lend their funds. Mortgage brokers are typically paid by the lender, so there are no fees to the client on standard mortgage transactions. The benefit to the client is gaining access to wholesale mortgage rates which they may not be able to qualify for at their branch.

A mortgage broker is a provincially licensed mortgage expert who only deals in mortgages; they do not cross sell other bank products for the bank. And because mortgage brokers are not affiliated with any lending institution, the advice you receive will be professional and unbiased. Simply put, you simply cannot work for a bank and work in the best interests of the client; your primary role is sell bank products at a profitable margin.

Often when dealing with your bank, they will refer you to one of the ‘banks mortgage brokers’. This is actually not true, these staff members are simply mortgage sales reps for the banks. A broker is someone who works on your behalf and has the ability to deal with a number of different outlets in order to find you the best mortgage broker rates in Canada. Again you cannot be unbiased when you work for the bank and not the client; your role is to make the bank money. Mortgage brokers rely heavily on client referrals for their business; this means that every client they deal with is a potential referral source, meaning your deal matters. You will always receive great service, expert advice, ample choice of product and of course the best mortgage rates when you apply for a mortgage with us! And when you consider you get all this with no fees to yourself, it begs the question of ‘why wouldn’t you use a mortgage broker?’.


Businessman having bubble popped

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26 Aug 2016

Did Libs Pop the Bubble??

The recent Foreign Buyers Tax of 15% on foreign investment into Greater Vancouver real estate is being blamed for the massive plunge in sales. Sales are said to be down as much as 85%, as foreign investment has stopped, and local buyers take a wait and see approach to home values. A report out last week stated values were down 20% in the past 28 days...

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